Virtual Reality Apps

Olympic Trap 3D


  • Faster target acquisition.
  • Improve target recognition on dark green backgrounds.
  • Improve clay target mental imagery and visualisation.
  • Enhance confidence and preparation.
  • Enhance Eye-Hand coordination.
  • Practice body swing to target and follow though.


  • Choice of Real live backgrounds.
  • Choice of Beretta DT11 or Perazzi MX8 shotgun.

Selection of Perazzi and Beretta shotguns

EyeGym VR


1) Improve speed of target acquisition.

2) Train you eyes to focus on an object irrespective of the range background.

3) Train your eyes to work together.

4) Improve reaction time.

5) Improve consistency of fixation.

6) Improve consistency and accuracy of eye movements.

7) Expanding peripheral vision.

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