Apple Watch Apps


ShootPro App is a combined Score Card that records the score while also measures the Apple Watch inbuilt Heart Rate during the round of shooting and integrates with the Health app. The Shoot Pro wrist companion allows you to monitor your shooting score and pulse rate readings while providing you with the knowledge you need such as optimum arousal level to maintain and improve your shooting performance. Measurements are shown on a Score Board. The ShootPro wrist digital HR monitor records up to 25 HR readings. HR measurements are shown on a inbuilt HR chart.

  • Score Card records Miss/Hit or Target directions ( Left, Straight or Right).
  • Records Heart Rate.
  • Score Counter.
  • Target Direciton Counter for quick notificaiton if you need to adjust your stance during a round of shooting.
  • Taptic signal if HR rate drops below your optimum level.
  • Score Board
  • HR Graph.
  • Optimal Arousal Level.


  • The OPTiShoot App enables the shooter to get use to a consistent rhythm with the use of the Apple Watch Taptic or sound according to a custom set tempo value.
  • The App also has a feature to record your Call and Shoot for post processing ( available in future releases) and playback.


  • Predicts the last 5 targets direction in Olympic Trap.
  • Input Target direction from 1 to 20. The App makes the rest!


  • 9 ISSF Tables angles and direction pages.
  • Handy Table cards at you finger tip to prepare for a round.
  • Find out on which station there are trick targets such as low 45deg left or right or a low straight target.