Olympic Shooting Disciplines Apps

Olympic Trap

One of the basic principles of Clay Target shooting is the process of first visualising and then physically re-creating what you've seen in your mind's eye. In Olympic Trap we don't know the direction of the target but we know the scheme. Confidence can be enhanced by mentally walk through the scheme before you step on the shooting range using this App. 

This App contains the nine ISSF Olympic Trap tables so that you can accustom to the angles and elevations that you'll experience on the shooting range. 

The App can also be used as shooting game. The target can be shot by swing through with your finger through the flying target. For a more realistic experience, the App uses real life shooting range changing background and shot sound. 




 - David Kostelecký, Beijing 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist. 

"Great app for getting you ready for the round. Even small things can help you reach the top of the game. With this you can read the targets better and you will be ready for all schemas!" 

 Nicola Heron - British Helice Team.   

"I love interesting shooting Apps. Here are some great ones from Tiro Apps.I can recommend the trap apps. Until now I had never understood (in real time) what the different schemes for OT looked like on each individual peg. This app is enlightening. Well done!!" 

How to use the TrapShoot App for dry fire training?

1) Connect iPhone/iPad via a lightning to Digital AV cable to projector (Philips PicoPix PPX3414 which cost around 250 euro) as per diagram below

2) Select HDMI as the source input on the projector. 

3) Run the TrapShoot App on iPhone/iPad. Go to settings and set the "Mic" to on. Call for target then swing and dry fire shoot the target with you own gun. 

Olympic Skeet

This Olympic Skeet App is an exciting App for both beginners and professional skeet shooters. It aids the shooter to get use to the new 2012 ISSF format and a great visualisation/mental training tool. 


1)Station by station view 

2)Target can be shot using a swing through with tip of your ringer. 

3)Single and doubles per station are according to 2012 ISSF rules. 

4)Target speed can be adjusted form 0.5ses to 5 sec. 

5)Target breaks on hit with real shotgun sound. 

6)Available for iPhone and the iPad.

7)Automatic or Acoustic target (Apple only) release . 

8)Compete online on the Apple Game Center. You can tap into the leaderboards which will show your rank against your friends. Click here for more details.

9) Real and simulated backgrounds.

10) If projected on a wall, it can be used with acoustic target release as a dry fire training tool at no additional costs.