Russell Mark Double Trap Coaching eBook

Unlock the secrets of top shooter and Olympic Gold Medalist Russell Mark in the new eBook “Russell Mark – Double Trap Coaching” that is now available on Apple Book Store, Amazon or Android Play Apps Store.

This eBook goes through the following areas:-

  • Physical Preparation,
  • The Shotgun,
  • Double Trap best techniques,
  • Vision,
  • Mental preparation,
  • Winning attitude,
  • Focus,
  • Visualisation,
  • Relaxation ,
  • Diet and a
  • Comprehensive 16 week, day by day Training Plan for you to achieve top performance in the right time at your shooting discipline.

This 45 page eBook is 90% applicable to other shooting disciplines such as DTL, ABT, Sporting, Olympic Trap and Skeet.




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