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This is club Score Card App mainly suited for iPad due to the larger screen required to handle a squad of six shooters. The App is replicating the manual score card system that is currently used in most of the shooting Grounds but with added functionality such as an automatic score counting system and score accumulation between multiple shooting grounds/layouts and squad coaching features including:-

Score Card Features and Benefits:-

1) Fast Score upload once the shooting round is over.

2) No need for score counting as the score is automatically calculated.

3) No need to have printers on site to print the score card.

4) Scores can get uploaded via email to the central office for results accumulation and display.

5) Colour coded Hit/ second barrel/ miss targets for easy identification and minimise errors.

6) Can be used for the 3pt score system that is used for DTL and ATA.

7) Scores output is compatible and can be loaded in Microsoft Excel format (file available below for download) for further scores accumulation.

8) Send a copy of the shooter performance to your shooters for analysis.

9) Improve club reputation.

10) Very easy to use. Marking is by touching the individual cells, no key input required.

11) Stations adjust for Trap, Olympic Skeet, American Skeet, International Skeet, ISSF Gold/Silver/Bronze Medal final and shoot offs ( Apple Only)

12) Competition sequence auto generator. Saves you time from entering squads one by one (Apple Only).

13) Results are available in Excel and html format.

14) Supports ISSF Semifinal, Gold/Silver/Bronze Medal Match and Shoot Off format (Apple Only).

15) Supports scores sharing between multiple devices using Apple iCloud technology( Apple Only).

Coaching Benefits:-

1) Individual Shooter statistics ( Apple only).

2) For Olympic Trap Discipline, shoooter's areas of improvements are highlighted with detialed, table, target angle and elevation statistices. (Apple only).

3) For Olympic and American Skeet Discipline, shoooter's areas of improvements are highlighted with detialed, station and high/low house statistics. (Apple only).

4) Shooter's statistics are available for export in Excell format.

Olympic Trap

Olympic Skeet