Performance Analysis 

High Performance Olympic Trap Analyser

In today’s highly competitive environment, statistical analysis tools are a key element for archiving high performance and peak performance. This App  evaluates your competition and practice events and provides a set of very valuable insights into your shooting performance in relation to different schemes, layout, stand, ground etc. 

This App is ideal for coaches, International shooters and also for amateur shooter that want to step to the next level. 

The key features are:-

This App has been developed in collaboration with Beijing 2008 Olympic Trap Gold Medallist and top world shooter David Kostelecký 

Statistical Analysis 

Integrated with Apple Watch for real time heart rate measurements 

Real Time Heart Rate readings via Apple Watch 

 This is what David Kostelecký, Beijing 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist had to say about this App.  

"Very good idea for shooters and coaches! This app can help you define your problems in shooting. To improve you need to know your statistics first-then you can work on it!"