Performance Analysis

High Performance Olympic Trap Analyser

In today’s highly competitive environment, statistical analysis tools are a key element for archiving high performance and peak performance. This App evaluates your competition and practice events and provides a set of very valuable insights into your shooting performance in relation to different schemes, layout, stand, ground etc.

This App is ideal for coaches, International shooters and also for amateur shooter that want to step to the next level.

The key features are:-

  • Competition and practice average statistics, hit, miss, left, right and straight miss targets.
  • Round stats grouped in a group of 5 targets. Are you missing at the beginning of the round, middle or end of the round ?
  • Scheme stats grouped in all nine left, nine right angles and six straight targets. Find out which angles are contributing to your mistakes ?.
  • Station/Target miss analysis. Are you missing targets from any particular station, then you need to find out and work on that!
  • Scheme by Scheme statistics, find out which angels and direction are contributing to the lost targets ?.
  • Scheme Statistics, find out which scheme you need to work harder on ?.
  • Cartridge shot statistics. Find out after how much shooting, your performance peaks
  • Export of all data to Microsoft Excel format for further analysis and a shooter copy.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android.
  • Heart Rate readings in real time per target via Apple Watch App.

This App has been developed in collaboration with Beijing 2008 Olympic Trap Gold Medallist and top world shooter David Kostelecký

Statistical Analysis

Integrated with Apple Watch for real time heart rate measurements

Real Time Heart Rate readings via Apple Watch

This is what David Kostelecký, Beijing 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist had to say about this App.

"Very good idea for shooters and coaches! This app can help you define your problems in shooting. To improve you need to know your statistics first-then you can work on it!"

Shoot Timing Analyzer App

Tempo in shooting clays is one of the fundamentals for optimum performance. This App helps the coach and shooter predict when the shooter will start to perform poorly. It measures the time from the beginning of the mounting action, call of "pull", until the shot is taken. If the time deviates the shooter is starting to lose concentration. Use this App to time your actions to see if you are consistent. Use this App to measure the execution time of your preparation phase and the shooting phase.


1) Record your mount and call/shot execution time when shooting well.

2) Recorded your mount and call/shot execution time when missing targets.

3) Record top shooters mount and call/shot execution time.

4) Make changes to your mount and call/shot execution time as necessary to achieve top performance.


1) Export your results for further processing using external tools such as MS excel.

3) Target direction ( Left, Straight and Right) recorded with Hit/Missed targets.

4) Shot spot ( In front, behind, above or below ).

5) Compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Features ( iPhone/iPad only):-

.1) Heart Rate recording whilst shooting (requires the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor [not included, please buy separately from ebay at roughly €50] or Apple Watch).

2) Export your results for further processing using external tools such as MS excel.

3) Time delay from Closing the Gun, Call, to Shoot included in excel file.

4) Results saved in html format.

How to use ?

1) Press the "Mount" button on shooter gun mount.

2) Press the "Call" button as soon as the shooter calls for the target.

3) press the "Shot" button as soon as the shooter pulls the trigger.

4) Press the "Hit" or "Miss" Clay button. Optional select direction ( Left, Straight or Right). Optional shoot spot ( Front, Behind, Above and below ).

5) Press the "Next" to go to next target. Target number is indicated in the bottom bar by a blue square.

6) Continue until you took enough measurements or recoded 25 targets.

7) Email the results by pressing the e-mail icon at top left hand corner.

8) post process the results using the post processing Excel file.

Supports HR reading via the Apple Watch.